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        Jiangsu with grain pharmaceutical co., LTD、Changshu Wan Xing chemical co., LTD., a wholly owned subsidiary of jiangsu Wan Xing venture investment co., LTD.,Is a collection of preparation medicine、Active pharmaceutical ingredients and health food research and development、Production、Sales for the integration of national high and new technology enterprise。For many years for the world's largest producer of lipoic acid and exporters,Are the biggest export of domestic the amino benzyl suppliers。Continuous8Years,Among the enterprise of changshu50 Name。

        The company is located in changshu southeast economic development zone,Close to 204 National highway and suzhou-jiaxing-hangzhou expressway,From Shanghai only80Kilometers。The company always covers an area of210m(The new preparation plant60m),The construction area 26000 m2 ,Lined with trees、The lawn、The environment is exquisite,The present garden type factory thick atmosphere。The existing staff300More than 1,Including all kinds of professional and technical personnel80More than 1。 After years of efforts and exploration,Company scientific management gradually、Standardization、Institutionalization and modernization development track。2001Years passedISO9001Quality management system certification,2002In implementationERPInformation management,2005Years passedISO14001...

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The main products


Lipoic acid

CAS NO.:1077-28-7



Packing: 25kgs/Fibre Drum


Lipoic acid sodium salt

CAS NO.:2319-84-8


Packing:10kgs/Fibre Drum



Right-handed lipoic acid

CAS NO.:1200-22-2


Packing:5kgs/Fibre Drum


Environmental assessment of the public

Jiangsu with annual output of grain pharmaceutical co., LTD11121Tons of medicine material as well12845Tons/By-product in complete relocation project environmental impact report of the public

Jiangsu with grain pharmaceutical co., LTD. For its“Annual output11121Tons of medicine material as well12845Tons/By-product in relocation project”The environmental impact assessment work,At present the eia report has been compiled,The approval。According to the《Public participation in eia》Possessed by the ecological environment4Document requirements,In order to further to listen to the local enterprises and institutions and individuals for construction projects in the field of environmental protection opinions and Suggestions,Now the eia report to complete announces,See the attachment。

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